Groundwater Purification Equipment

water system: single-stage RO
Operation mode: automatic operation
Applicable water pressure: ≥0.3Mpa
raw water temperature: 5-45 ° C
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Product Details

Technical Parameters

1 Influent requirements: groundwater

2 Product model: different according to the amount of processing

3 water system: single-stage RO

4 Operation mode: automatic operation

5 Applicable water pressure: ≥0.3Mpa

6 raw water temperature: 5-45 ° C

7 System salt rejection rate: water temperature 25 ° C, desalination rate 98%

8 Water production index: Conductivity ≤10μS/cm@25°C

9 Floor area: about 30 square meters

10 Raw water consumption: according to the amount of treatment

11 Inorganic ion rejection rate >98%

12 Concentrated water discharge rate: 25%

13 Operation mode: fully automatic operation, flow, automatic display of water quality

14 Working pressure: 380/220V--50HZ

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