Benefits of domestic sewage treatment equipment

- May 05, 2019-

First, domestic sewage treatment Equipment 5 Advantages: 1, save land, installed in the ground to beautify or save land, do not need to build houses, and do not need additional insulation measures. Easy to work, installation and installation flexibility: domestic sewage treatment equipment covers a small area, standardization of equipment, engineering manufacturing, quality assurance, on-site direct installation. The installation and use is very simple, can be turned on and off, set up quickly and easy to install.

Can adapt to the rural pollution sources widely distributed, sewage discharge dispersion, pipe network difficult to collect the situation.

2, Long service life: In general, the normal use of equipment can reach more than 15 years, because the equipment is integrated, steel structure, with anti-aging, anti-rust and other advantages. 3, strong impact resistance, stable treatment effect: the use of aerobic-anaerobic reciprocating coupling system and porous microbial carrier, so that the application of microbial carriers in the reactor to make the reactor higher microbial content, so that water quality and water fluctuations are very large. Still has a stable sewage effect, suitable for the treatment of rural sewage, water quality and water changes large, the regularity is poor.

The existing domestic sewage treatment equipment overload design scale of 1.5 times times, biochemical system will automatically adapt and adjust. 4, simple operation: the equipment will be equipped with automatic intelligent system and alarm prediction system. Therefore, in daily use, no special protective device is required.

Only maintenance protection is required per month or quarter, usually only in a timely manner. 5, low sludge production, stable water quality: the equipment using AO biological treatment. Compared with activated sludge method, it has the advantages of small volume, strong water quality and strong impact resistance. Can maintain good effluent quality, will not expand and expand. At the same time, it also has the advantage of reducing sludge production. Because AO biological treatment equipment uses biological contact oxidation tank, it has the advantage of low volume ratio of filler, so the mud yield of the equipment is also relatively small. Usually, enough to produce mud within 90 days. Aerobic and anaerobic repeated coupling sludge reduction technology is used in domestic sewage treatment equipment. Compared with the common activated sludge method, the amount of residual sludge can be reduced by more than 70% when treating domestic sewage.

The operation and maintenance management of subsequent sludge treatment has been greatly reduced.

Second, how to buy suitable domestic sewage treatment equipment: First of all, you need a reasonable choice.

When purchasing a device, you need to consider whether the equipment technology is advanced, whether the device is power-saving, how well the equipment is performing, and when to use it, and you can choose the right amount of work. When the equipment is used, maintenance and overhaul work is required, and equipment maintenance is planned.

At the same time, to complete the acceptance, storage, registration and scrap work, the establishment of a complete record of equipment operations. When using equipment, we need to establish a sound management mechanism.

The manager is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the equipment, calculates the cost of purchasing the equipment, and is responsible for the purchase, accounting, transfer and retirement, as well as the active participation in the overhaul, alteration, renewal, acceptance and other work of the equipment. To sum up, the management and maintenance of domestic sewage treatment equipment can not be sloppy, environmental protection will actively cooperate with consumers to carry out management and maintenance services.

At the same time, the sewage treatment plan can also be adjusted according to the actual needs, and is committed to solving everyone's sewage discharge problem.

Third, the purchase of domestic sewage treatment equipment matters needing attention: Generally speaking, there are many materials used in domestic sewage treatment equipment, FRP material is good. At the time of purchase, we must inquire about the materials provided by the commercial supplier.

When the sewage treatment process and other preferential conditions are the same, the different prices of materials will have a large gap, the service life will be different, now let us understand the domestic sewage treatment equipment effluent standards.

1. Comprehensive comparison before payment A number of domestic sewage treatment equipment companies to compare, and a comprehensive comparison of sewage treatment technology, sewage treatment cases, prices and other factors.

Sign a formal contract prior to payment of the first payment and agree on the delivery date, commissioning and payment process.

We are realistic to say that no matter how good the domestic sewage treatment equipment introduced to you, how to do a good job, let the domestic sewage treatment equipment company to provide their case, and then let the professionals to the scene to see how the sewage treatment effect.

Domestic sewage Treatment equipment

2, the scheduled sewage discharge standards Many companies do not specify sewage discharge standards when purchasing domestic sewage treatment equipment. On the premise of increasing environmental requirements, it will cause unnecessary trouble.

Due to the different treatment process, the price of sewage treatment will vary greatly. Under normal circumstances, integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment will use advanced technology at home and abroad, can effectively remove the COD/BOD5 in sewage, and has a reliable and stable characteristics. Equipment processing effect is good, small investment, simple and convenient maintenance.