Equipment uses for Reverse osmosis water treatment

- Feb 07, 2020-

The use of reverse osmosis water treatment plants is as follows.

Production of pure and ultrapure water used in the electronics industry for the production of single crystal silicon semiconductor integrated circuits, screens, glass beads, liquid crystal displays and other manufacturing industries.

Water for the pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceuticals, process water, medical hemodialysis, biochemical analysis, injections, etc.

Preparation of demineralized water and demineralized pure water for medium pressure and low pressure low pressure boilers for heating and heat boilers, factories and mines.

It is used in the beverage industry to filter drinking water, distilled water, natural water, mineral water, mineral water, pure alcoholic water, pure water for sugar confectionery and pure draft beer.

Quality water supply system for water purification in hotels, buildings, communities and swimming pools.

Deionized electroplating process water, pure water for the manufacture of batteries (batteries), pure water for surface coating and car cleaning, household appliances, building materials, pure water for coated glass and printing inks, and Hardened brine for dyeing.

Process water used in the petrochemical industry such as chemical reaction cooling, chemicals, fertilizers, fine chemicals, cosmetics.