How do I maintain reverse osmosis equipment?

- May 11, 2019-

Reverse osmosis equipment can not be long-term normal operation depends on how well you maintain, daily maintenance is directly related to the use of equipment stability and service life.

Today's small series to share with you the anti-osmosis equipment maintenance skills.

1, strictly control the water quality of the water, before the use of equipment generally determined the water quality standards of the equipment, if the sudden deterioration of raw water quality may be the equipment of the front treatment device or even reverse osmosis host impact, or even damage. 

2, try not to adjust the water inlet control valve, strictly prohibited all open or full closure.

The completion of RO concentration control valve is used to adjust the recovery rate of the system wastewater if the recovery rate has not changed, then do not adjust the thick-row control valve for a long time.

3, Reverse osmosis equipment is not easy to stop operation for a long time, at least once a day, each time longer than 1 hours, if the equipment downtime more than three days, then the chemical cleaning device should be used to each component to carry 1% strict sodium hydrogen sulfate and 18% glycerin protection.

4, reverse osmosis device after each shutdown should let the device in the water inlet pressure of 0.4Mpa under the condition of flushing for 10 minutes.

5, operating pressure control, should meet the water yield and water quality under the premise of taking the lowest possible pressure value, which is conducive to reducing the membrane water flux attenuation, reduce the membrane replacement rate. 

6, the operator should record the operating parameters every hour, to detect the use of pure water equipment and effluent quality. The main records should include: Water intake: PH value, conductivity, pressure, SDI, water temperature.

Water production: conductivity, flow rate, PH value; concentrated water: flow, pressure and inlet pressure of each section.

7, when the reverse osmosis device occurs high and low pressure alarm, first check the security filter to the pressure pump this between the manual valve opening is too small, and then check whether RO water control valve and dense valve is normal, and then press the high and low pressure alarm reset button, restart the pure water production equipment. 8, water inlet temperature control, according to the actual water consumption, the critical pressure (water inlet pressure is lower than the desalination rate of this value to produce a significant decline in the pressure value) can not meet the production and water quality requirements of the minimum temperature as the inlet temperature in that time period, which can reduce the attenuation of membrane water.