How to clean ultra-pure water equipment safely

- May 10, 2019-

We all know that ultrapure water equipment after a period of use to clean, so that contaminated equipment to restore the original performance, in the restoration of equipment performance at the same time, but also as far as possible to ensure the safety of cleaning, do not harm to ultra-pure water equipment, then ultra-pure water equipment How to clean it is safe? Today, Zhongtian Hengyuan to share some

1, low-pressure flushing technology cleaning method In daily life, we use ultrapure water equipment at the same time also to rinse equipment, because long-time use will cause ultra-pure water equipment equipment pollution caused by equipment can not work properly.

We should regularly use low-pressure flushing technology to clean the surface dirt of the equipment.

Ultra-Pure water equipment

2, stop equipment Operation Protection Law Long-term operation of equipment, ultra-pure water equipment Reverse osmosis pure water equipment technology will fluctuate, ultra-pure water equipment once the unreasonable treatment will lead to the degradation of the film performance of the equipment, serious may lead to can not be used.

We take protective measures in a short period of time, proper stop equipment operation is also a method of equipment cleaning protection.

3. Chemical Cleaning method Ultra-pure water equipment membrane surface is very easy to be some microbial or inorganic cover to affect the ability to operate, our ideal cleaning time is semi-annual cleaning, if ultrapure water equipment needs to be carried out every month, indicating that we need to adjust the equipment parameters, improve the pretreatment system, For this purpose, chemical cleaning of ultra-pure water equipment film is also a method to protect ultrapure water equipment system.