How to maintain and detect softening water treatment equipment

- May 17, 2019-

1, to ensure the stability of the input voltage and current. Prevent moisture and flooding. Prevent the salt bridge on the salt valve and prevent the burning of the electronic control device.

The outer of the electronic control device shall be provided with a sealing cover. 2, regular addition of solid granular salt in the salt box (no need to add refined salt or iodized salt) must ensure that the salt solution in the salt tank is too saturated. Pure water purification equipment is simply the production of pure aquatic equipment. And pure water is widely used by us: living drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, planting, food, beverages and so on. The following will give you a brief introduction. Components and processes for the production of purified water. Hope to be able to understand the industry to provide some help. When adding salt, be careful not to sprinkle solid salt into the salt well. Plug in the salt line. Because solid granular salt contains a certain amount of impurities, a large number of impurities will be deposited in the bottom of the salt box, clogging the salt valve, so it is necessary to regularly clean the salt bottom of the impurities. When cleaning, the discharge valve at the bottom of the salt can be opened and cleaned with water until no impurities flow out. The cleaning period of salt box should be determined according to the impurity content of solid granular salt.

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3, regularly check the air tightness of the jet and salt absorption pipe, to prevent leakage and affect the regeneration effect. 4. Remove the softener once a year.

Clean up the impurities in the upper and lower water dispenser and quartz sand mat, check the loss and exchange capacity of the resin, replace the severely aging resin, use hydrochloric acid solution to recover the resin, used for iron poisoning.

5. Stop using and maintaining Before temporarily stopping the use of softener, the resin should be completely regenerated and the soft water agent should be completely regenerated.

Convert the resin into sodium for wet maintenance. When the water softener is closed in summer (such as heating boiler water softener, summer should be discontinued for several months), the softener should be cleaned at least once a month to prevent the exchange tank from breeding microorganisms, so that the resin moldy agglomeration. Water treatment equipment through a variety of physical, chemical means to remove some of the water on the production, life do not need harmful substances, this kind of water for the filtration and purification of equipment. Because social production, life and water are closely related, therefore, the field of water treatment involves a wide range of applications, constitute a huge industrial application. In the domestic medicine, biology, electronics, chemical industry, power plant, sewage treatment and other fields have been widely used. If the resin is found to be moldy, it can be sterilized.

Usually soak in 1% formaldehyde solution for a few hours, then rinse with water until there is no formaldehyde odor. Freezing measures should be taken in winter to prevent the resin from breaking due to freezing and can be stored in saline solution.

The concentration of brine should be formulated according to temperature conditions.

Testing of softened water equipment:

1, reset time, check or replace the controller, check or replace the motor.

2, the softening agent to transport hard water, close or repair the bypass valve.

3, make sure that there is solid salt in the salt box, replace or clean the ejector.

4. Check the injection time of the salt box.

5, to ensure that the center tube and O-ring did not break;

6, check the repair valve body or replace the valve body;

7, the correct setting and adjustment of regeneration time or regular water production; 8, add the right amount of resin, find out the cause of resin loss; I. Reduce the turbidity of the water inlet or remove the flowmeter to clean or replace the flowmeter