How to solve the use of ultrapure water equipment in the process of various problems?

- May 14, 2019-

First, low water production flow: causes: ① Freshwater Chamber: sewage plugging; ② inlet pressure: too low; ③ temperature: too low. 

Workaround: ① to see the concentration of organic pollutants in the water, whether there is a front filter to prevent impurities from entering the EDI;② to add water flow speed, ③ pay attention to the inlet temperature when the viscosity. Second, low resistivity: Cause: ① power supply: Point Extreme no electricity, voltage set too high or too low, one or more electrode joints loose, electrode polarity connection; ② water flow: the flow of water flowing through the module is below the minimum, the flow of water flowing through the module is higher than the maximum; ③ Water inlet: does not meet the standard requirements of water intake ; ⑤ module torque: Torque is too small. 

Solution: ① turn on the power supply, check the electrode voltage, ensure that the electrode connection is normal, ensure that the electrode polarity is correct, ② from the beginning to adjust the water, extreme water and water inlet pressure; ③ View RO water production quality, especially TDS, CO2, etc.; ④ cleaning module; ⑤ adjust torque from scratch. 

Third, there is no strong water or concentrated water flow is low: The cause: ① related valve is not set up; ② freshwater room scaling.

Solution: ① Conditioning valve to add flow; ② view TDS, hardness, pH value in RO water production.

Ultra-Pure water equipment

Four, the module overflow too much gas, the pH value of water production is too high or too low: cause: The voltage setting is too high. 

WORKAROUND: Drop voltage. 

Five, the module flows through too much current: The cause: ① water inlet conductivity is too high, ② no water flow through the module.

Workaround: ① view TDS in RO water production, ② to determine that there is water flowing through the component, otherwise the module will be damaged.