Reasons for the failure of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment operation

- May 08, 2019-

1, the pressure switch is not set correctly

Pressure switch in the normal operation of the system has an irreplaceable role, to ensure that the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment mainframe water supply pressure, to ensure the normal operation of the relevant pump, but because of the setup error, resulting in the host does not start is also common.

2, the level controller is damaged or not put good

Liquid level controller is an important control element in reverse osmosis pure water equipment, once the reverse osmosis treatment equipment presents the condition of not starting, first of all, we should check whether the following original water tank, pure water tank liquid level controller presents a problem.

3, Communication CONTACTOR problems

Communication contactor problems because of the contact device damage caused by the host pump does not start the situation there are many, such as the original pump communication contactor rendering problems, can not actively suck, then the rear system will certainly not be able to work, the treatment method is very simple, new can be fully handled.

4, the pump can not start or damage in the electronic control box directly press the communication contactor, manual suction, if the pump can turn, you can remove the pump problem. These are the reasons why we have failed in the operation of reverse osmosis equipment, which we have sorted out in Zhongtian, and hope to help you.