Maintenance of reverse immersion seawater desalination device(1)

- Jan 14, 2020-

Piping system

If leakage occurs, immediately handle, tighten the clamping ring or wrap the raw material belt, but be careful not to clean the dirt in the pipeline, otherwise the high pressure pump will be damaged.

Pretreatment equipment

Multimedia filter: manual valve control, back-flushing and pre-flushing, flushing of dirt in the filter material over time, reducing pressure losses.

Safety filter: If the filter element leaks, loosen the screws and replace the gasket.

Replace the filter

After a certain period of use of the filter element, impurities occur on the surface of the filter element which reduce the filtration rate and the water flow and the pressure of the low pressure manometer is close to zero. At this point, the filter element must be replaced. Otherwise, it stops automatically. Processing method, turn off the device, open the filter element, and replace it with a suitable filter element.

Clean the soiled filter element

The contaminated filter element may be first washed with high pressure water and then immersed in about 20% hydrochloric acid solution, after the surface is completely white, rinsed with water until the pH is neutral, and placed for future use.

High pressure pump maintenance

Do not operate the high pressure pump in a dehydration or semi-dehydration state.

Do not allow granular dirt to enter the high pressure pump.

The operating pressure of the high-pressure pump must not exceed 6.5 MPa.

Non-professional personnel may not dismantle the high-pressure pump themselves.