What is reverse osmosis seawater desalination equipment?

- Jan 10, 2020-

Reverse osmosis seawater desalination equipment is a device that desalinates seawater using the principle of reverse osmosis technology.

Components Configuration of seawater reverse osmosis equipment: intake system, pretreatment system, desalination and desalination system, energy recovery system, chemical cleaning system, chemical dosing system, and equipment power supply and distribution and automatic control system. The entire set of equipment consists of a pretreatment system, a reverse osmosis system, an electrical control system, a cleaning system and a dosing system.

Pretreatment systems include feedwater pumps, multimedia filters, precision filters, and security filters. It mainly processes impurities, residual chlorine and large particles of fine particles contained in raw water to ensure the quality of inlet water of reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis systems include high pressure pumps, RO reverse osmosis membrane modules, pressure regulating valves, and wash tanks. The pretreated raw water is further processed to freshwater.

The basic process of reverse osmosis marine desalination equipment is as follows. Seawater is pumped into the pretreatment system by a feedwater pump, enters the sterilant and coagulant through the chemical dosing system, and then into quartz sand and activated carbon. Filtration system to filter. After the pretreatment system, the seawater enters the high pressure pump. Due to the action of the high-pressure pump, the seawater flows through a high salinity roll membrane and the pressure is controlled by a pressure regulating valve. Therefore, pure water in seawater passes through the membrane and enters the porous material. Collection tube. Pipes flow out of the device, salt is blocked at the membrane surface and exits the device with most of the seawater. The filtered water enters the 5um security filtration system after degrading the water, adjusting the pH, and adding scale inhibitors. The filtered low-pressure seawater enters a high-pressure pump, pressurizes one and the other enters a pressure exchange energy recovery unit. After the booster pump is pressurized, it is mixed with water from the high pressure pump and enters the reverse osmosis reactor system. Some of the high-pressure seawater passes through the membrane and forms freshwater under the processing of the membrane stack. After the water quality is adjusted, it enters a freshwater tank for storage. The remaining high-pressure concentrated water enters the pressure exchange energy recovery device, recovers energy and is discharged.