What about the decline in water production of industrial purity equipment

- May 09, 2019-

Industrial ultra-Pure water equipment It meets the requirements of quality in industrial production, ensures the demand for water for industrial production, and is a device that many industries need to use.

If the decline in the production of industrial pure water equipment will affect the normal production of industrial water, then the decline in the amount of water produced by industrial purity equipment how to do?

Industrial pure water equipment production reduction should pay attention to the following points: 1. See if the water pressure and water temperature are too low. Detection method: Water pressure water temperature will also affect the speed of the building, hydraulic pressure is not less than 0.2MPa, water temperature is not less than 20 degrees.

Solution: Adjust the water pressure temperature to a reasonable value. 2, check whether the flushing solenoid valve closed lax or aging. Detection method: Observe whether the flow rate of flushing valve outlet is normal. Remove the flushing solenoid valve to test the water quantity.

WORKAROUND: Replace a new flushing solenoid valve. 3, check whether the membrane elements are clogged. Detection method: Turn off the pressure bucket to observe whether the faucet effluent can form a water flow, if not, indicating that the membrane element has been blocked.

Solution: Replace the membrane element. 4, check whether the high pressure pump pressure is in place. Detection method: In the industrial pure water equipment waterway of the pressurized pump part plus a pressure gauge to measure the pressure of the booster pump, if less than 0.6MPa, it is slow to create. Solution: Adjust the equipment high pressure pump pressure to a reasonable position.