What are the commonly used disinfection parts for ultrapure water equipment?

- May 15, 2019-

First, ozone occurring components 

This part directly determines the quality of water as raw materials, ultra-pure water equipment is mainly to ensure the safety of products, and this occurrence of components as an important disinfection parts can be used directly, can effectively kill viruses and bacteria, and will not appear a second pollution, but also to ensure the quality of products. 

Second, UV disinfection parts Ultra-pure water equipment disinfection parts are mainly several devices, including UV disinfection components can achieve excellent effluent quality, it can efficiently kill bacteria to reach more than 90%, fully meet the requirements of UV disinfection components of domestic drinking water, and the cost of operation is relatively low, and the footprint is small,

The total investment is also relatively small.

Ultra-Pure water equipment 

Third, ultrasonic disinfection parts The overall process of the equipment is very rigorous, the requirements of each of these components are very strict, or even to the point of harsh, some companies independently research and manufacture of new disinfection components, mainly the use of ultrasonic theory to remove the bacteria and strange taste inside the original water, and ultrasonic disinfection machine without noise interference, the efficiency is very high, And consumes less energy, and there are few failures and problems in the process of running. Above is the most common disinfection method of this kind of equipment, we can choose when we buy the machine.