What are the harms of scaling ultra-pure water equipment

- May 07, 2019-

Ultrapure water equipment using a lot of material, there are a number of substances will cause super-purity equipment scaling, then scaling will be what harm?

Inlet solenoid Valve

1, the water is full of running water, resulting in water and boiling water flow;

2, scale blockage to increase the work of heat, direct burnout;

3, reduce the energy of water, resulting in pump burnout and other major problems.

Ultra-Pure water equipment


1, increase the working noise of the pump;

2, damage the sealing of the pump;

3, serious scale caused by insufficient pump pressure and so on.

RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane The direct effect of scale on RO is to block the film or make water slow.

Because when the pure water machine is in the standby state RO film also has a strong underwater retention, through soaking will be in RO membrane surface to form scale crystal, more crystals can not be washed through the flushing function, the year-round month caused by the plugging film and slow water production and other problems.

Wastewater Valves

Scale will also affect the waste water valve caused by blockage or waste water valve is not sensitive, the emergence of waste water is not dead, can not make water phenomenon.

About Ultrapure water equipment scaling harm on the introduction here, I hope to help you, do a good job of ultra-pure water equipment pretreatment work, to reduce the scaling of ultra-pure water equipment is also very helpful.