What are the preventive measures when installing domestic sewage treatment equipment

- May 04, 2019-

What are the preventive measures for the installation of domestic sewage treatment equipment?

1, For electrical equipment must be waterproof, put wet.

2,The transmission shaft equipment in the hoisting, can not be used as a lifting point, anti-bearing deformation.

3,In the equipment hoisting, wire rope can not be directly bundled on the equipment, to the wire rope and equipment between the pad cork to protect the surface of the equipment from damage.

4,The construction site is equipped with quantity, quality of qualified fire tools, unless the fire is urgent, no one is allowed to move for its use.

5, Distribution room and electrical equipment concentration of the location, must be placed carbon tetrachloride, dry powder and other non-conductive fire extinguishers.

Domestic sewage Treatment equipment

6, Welders must strictly enforce the operating procedures and welding equipment, tools, the use of requirements.

7, Before operation must carefully check whether the tool, equipment is intact, safety device is effective.

8, The welding machine's first line cable length does not allow more than 5m, two bottles and open fire distance is not allowed less than 10 meters.

9, The pump in the operation of the prohibition of any part of the treatment, to prevent pressure leakage caused by safety incidents.

10, Pumps and ventilators when testing, coupling and other rotating parts to have a reliable protective cover.

11, After the test operation should cut off the power supply, to prevent the system does not allow the conditions to start the car.

12, Domestic sewage treatment equipment installation, after the completion of the test, after the non-acceptance of the transfer should be designated special personnel care, prevention and control of spare parts loss or damage, by the special driver or the development of the pump performance familiar with the pump.

13, Into the site of the construction personnel must go through the measures to implement, and wear qualified protective supplies, helmets and so on. 14, the installation of domestic sewage treatment equipment, in the process of equipment hoisting, should strengthen the command to avoid equipment collision.

Important equipment designated for personal management, storage and storage.

15, The work is finished, the workplace applies water spraying, and has a person to stay more than one hour, monitoring there is no abnormal situation.