What can cause the operation of ultrapure water equipment to go wrong

- May 20, 2019-

What conditions will lead to the operation of ultra-pure water equipment problems, some conditions will affect the normal operation of ultrapure water equipment, and we need the equipment to run efficiently, so we need to pay more attention. 

First, the ultra-pure water between the environment is relatively humid, naked leakage of electrical equipment to add a control cabinet, the original control cabinet control loop into the newly added control cabinet so that it is separated from the main circuit of the system, eliminating the control loop and the main circuit may exist power interference, and solve the 24V power supply serial parallel circuit too much problem. 

Second, the system PLC, touch screen, thermal relay alarm point, field floating ball level high low control point and other electrical equipment sharing all the way 24V power supply, string parallel circuit too much, if one of the failure may lead to any one or more electrical equipment on the way back damage. Third, the EDI module power supply is supplied by a large isolation transformer at the bottom of the control cabinet. 

Its placement is at the bottom of the control cabinet and the control cabinet is not well sealed, easy to be contaminated with dust resulting in poor contact with the terminal, affecting the EDI module power supply.

Four, the system control loop and the main circuit in the same space of a small control cabinet, there may be a control of the power supply and the main circuit power interference with each other phenomenon.

Ultra-Pure water equipment 

Five, Siemens series PLC communication port and control between ultra-pure water upper configuration program computer through a RS-485 communication cable connection, RS-485 line between positive and negative phase there is a suspension voltage, easy to cause PLC communication port burnout. 

Six, the main circuit on the AC contactor coil directly connected with the PLC output point, there is no isolation measures in the middle, easy to lead to PLC output point current is too large and damage PLC. Seven, the system has equipment pipeline overpressure, leakage, blasting and other faults, immediately turn off the power supply. After the cause has been identified for repair, it can be put into operation.