What if the softening water treatment equipment fails

- May 13, 2019-

Industrial softening water treatment device appears to make people's lives more comfortable, but no matter what equipment has its shortcomings, so we have to regularly check the softening water treatment equipment, for the fault problem to do early detection early resolution. Pure water purification equipment is simply the production of pure aquatic equipment. And pure water is widely used by us: living drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, planting, food, beverages and so on. The following will give you a brief introduction. Components and processes for the production of purified water. Hope to be able to understand the industry to provide some help. Softening water equipment to reduce the hardness of water equipment, mainly in addition to removing calcium, magnesium ions in the water, softening water equipment in the process of softening water, can not reduce the total salt content in the water, could be used for air conditioning and other systems of recharge water softening and domestic water treatment. Water treatment equipment through a variety of physical, chemical means to remove some of the water on the production, life do not need harmful substances, this kind of water for the filtration and purification of equipment. Because social production, life and water are closely related, therefore, the field of water treatment involves a wide range of applications, constitute a huge industrial application.

In the domestic medicine, biology, electronics, chemical industry, power plant, sewage treatment and other fields have been widely used.

Softening Water treatment equipment Sometimes softening water treatment equipment after a period of use, the staff will find that the resin inside the softening water equipment will be discharged through the drain pipe, this time do not panic, we can check the softening Water equipment assembly water device, may be anti-washing when the resin discharge or is washing or running when the resin discharge rupture caused by the resin outflow,

Sometimes the anti-washing intensity is too strong can also cause this phenomenon to occur.

Softening water equipment controller cycle more than 1, positioning plate and the main control Board cable failure.

(If the continuous cycle time exceeds 2 minutes, the-E1-is displayed on the display and flashes) 2, positioning plate failure.

Softening water equipment Controller valve core leakage, corrosion positioning plate, resulting in can not be positioned. 3, Magnet damage, magnetism is not enough with the positioning plate on the hall components to generate signals.

Magnets cannot be used in environments such as strong earthquakes or strong magnetic fields. For the device I apply to master its various performance characteristics, technical indicators and its common faults. Mastering faults is also an aspect of equipment understanding, only we have a comprehensive understanding of industrial softening water treatment equipment, we can better use this equipment for enterprises to bring better benefits.