Small Integrated Wastewater Treatment Equipment

The ability to withstand impact load is strong, and the average residence time of the contact oxidation method is more than 6 hours.

Product Details

Equipment advantages

1. The ability to withstand impact load is strong, and the average residence time of the contact oxidation method is more than 6 hours.

2. It has the ability of denitrifying and dephosphorizing, and can realize the ability to treat industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and urban sewage by adjusting the structure of the equipment.

3. The fillers in the contact oxidation pond are mostly combined soft fillers, which are light in weight, high in strength, stable in physical and chemical properties, large in specific surface area, strong in biofilm adhesion, and high in contact efficiency between sewage and biofilm.

4. In the contact oxidation tank, an aerator is used for blast aeration, so that the fiber bundle is continuously floated, the aeration is uniform, the microorganisms grow mature, and the characteristics of the activated sludge method are obtained.

5. The effluent water quality is stable, the sludge production is small and easy to handle.

6. The submersible pump can be installed in the equipment to reduce engineering investment.

7. The equipment can be located on the ground or buried in the ground. When buried in the ground, the upper cover can be used for greening, the plant area is small, and the ground structure is small.

8, easy to complete automatic control, management and operation is simple.

9. The equipment can be connected to the car to make a mobile integrated sewage treatment equipment.


Scope of application

Small integrated wastewater treatment equipment is suitable for domestic sewage, residential areas, villages, villages, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, institutions, schools, military units, hospitals, highways, railways, factories, mines, tourist attractions, etc. Similar processing and reuse of small and medium-sized industrial organic wastewater such as slaughtering, aquatic product processing, and food. The sewage treated by the equipment meets the Grade B standard of the National Wastewater Treatment Integrated Discharge Standard.

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