Application Fields Of Water Reuse Equipment

- Jan 26, 2021-

    Water reuse equipment can be used in the following places:

    1.Hydrolyzed poison treatment of factory farming original;

    2.Large-scale cooling circulating water side filter systems such as power plants and chemical plants;

    3.Oilfield produced water reuse treatment;

    4.Steel rolling emulsion waste liquid treatment;

    5.Metal surface cleaning solution regeneration treatment.

    6.There are two treatment methods for water reuse equipment for different purposes

    One is to treat it to drinking water standards and directly reuse it in daily life, that is, to realize the direct recycling of water resources. This treatment method is suitable for areas with extremely lack of water resources, but the investment is high and the process is complicated.

    The other is to treat it to the standard of non-drinking water, which is mainly used for water that does not directly contact the human body, such as toilet flushing, floor cleaning, car cleaning, green sprinkling, fire fighting, general industrial water, etc. This is the common way of water treatment.

water reuse equipment