Application Of Reverse Osmosis In Wastewater

- Apr 18, 2019-

Reverse osmosis equipment is a common water treatment equipment, remove all kinds of impurities in the water and metal ions, high removal rate, front with quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter (multi-media filter), ion exchanger (if the metal ions exceed the use of chelating resin), precision filter, automatic dosing device (scale inhibitor), ultrafiltration equipment, high pressure pump , Reverse osmosis device purification treatment, east China A chemical equipment, pre-input equipment only with dosing device, coupled with microporous membrane filter effect is not good, water ion content reduction, microporous membrane filter is also a precision filter, but is higher than precision filter accuracy, there is no quartz sand filter, multi-media filter , Activated carbon filter to do pretreatment, of course, the effect is not good, although there is an automatic dosing device, metal ions can be converted into sediment filtration, after all, the ability is limited, the use of ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis, early through the sand Carbon Filter for pretreatment, chelating resin ion exchange to do the first treatment, the effect of the pair OK. Seemingly quartz sand filter and other filters do not seem to play a small role, in fact, pretreatment is a protective role, protection of chelating resin, ultrafiltration equipment, reverse osmosis membrane, extend the service life of the entire system.