Choose Pure Water Purification Equipment To Avoid What Misunderstanding?

- Apr 14, 2019-

1. The more series you filter, the better Most consumers think that more than one level of filtering will be more secure, and in fact, it should be more dangerous to say. Water purification equipment is the key to look at the effect of filtration, but pure water equipment filter must be regularly replaced, such as long time does not replace the filter, the filter is contaminated becomes inevitable. Multi-stage filtration, filter cartridge is easy to be contaminated by bacteria. In addition, also to the after-sales service to increase the difficulty, so, the filter series is not the more the better, but for their own family area of water quality and choose a reasonable purification products is critical.

Specific configuration can call for advice.

2, stainless steel shell products must be good

Stainless steel material is only the product itself "coat", most of the manufacturers using stainless steel shell are using 301, 302 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel less and less than 306, choose pure water equipment products to pay attention to the following matters:

(1) To see if the connector of pure water purification equipment has anti-shedding, sealing, installation operation is simple and convenient.

(2) The optional pressure relief valve is not able to reduce static pressure, can adjust the pressure of water, there is no pressure gauge monitoring, and so on, the city's high-rise buildings are more, most of the water supply two times. (3) to see how the pure water purification equipment products themselves have the ability to resist pressure, whether the shell can absorb part of the water hammer energy.

It is said that stainless steel on the quality of water is mainly the appearance, and the quality of the relationship is not very small.

3. Consider the obsolescence of activated carbon technology Most people's general understanding of water purification products is: the higher the filtration accuracy, the higher the safety factor of water. High filtration accuracy is not bad, but to see the water quality of filtration, our current water pollution is mainly organic pollution and chemical pollution, the current filtration accuracy can not filter organic pollution and chemical pollution, can not remove residual chlorine, bleaching powder, odor, these can only rely on activated carbon adsorption technology to solve.

It is wrong to think that activated carbon technology is out of date.

4. The longer the service life of pure water purification equipment, the better Most manufacturers in order to make quick gains, the external declaration of their own pure water purification equipment can be used for many years, and shut up about the filter replacement cycle problem. In this way, sales may improve in a short period of time, but in the long run, it is the chicken behavior, which has cut off its own way.

Because they escape a central problem: the problem of microbial breeding ensues with the accumulation of time of use.

5, pure water purification equipment is not clean Many consumers believe that pure water purification equipment can purify all pollutants in the water, to achieve the "pure cotton" effect. In fact, the role of pure water purification equipment is to significantly improve water quality.

When the Ministry of Health is approved, it will add a sentence of "municipal tap water", which is to improve the taste of water on the basis of municipal tap water, remove organic pollution and chemical pollution from water, not all water through pure water purification equipment to remove impurities clean, this is to be explained.

The above is about the choice of pure water purification equipment to avoid which misconceptions of all the introduction, I hope to help you, avoid the above misunderstanding, to ensure that you can choose a more suitable equipment.