Development Status Of Water Treatment Agents In China

- Apr 07, 2019-

China is one of the countries with a serious shortage of water resources and more pollution. The total water consumption in the country increased by 18.43% in 1993 compared with 1980 to 5 25.5 billion m3, and the per capita water consumption was m3.

Water structure has undergone a great change, since 1980, the National Agricultural irrigation and Rural domestic water (collectively referred to as rural water) is basically flat, while industrial water and urban domestic water use has increased considerably. In 1993, the per capita water resources in the three watersheds of Huang, Huai and Haihe were 543, 500 and 351 m3 respectively, while the per capita consumption was 393, 301 and 347 m3.

Foreign scholars believe that the per capita possession of water resources of 1 m3 is the minimum standard to achieve modernization, from the current situation and future development, China's northern yellow, Huai, Haihe River basin to achieve per capita water resources of 1 m3 is extremely difficult, even to reach the m3 also need to carry out a great investment. From the national point of view, the current urban water shortage is serious, has caused serious economic losses and social environmental problems. The distribution of water-scarce cities will gradually spread to the whole country from the areas currently concentrated in the three north (north, northeast and northwest) and the eastern coastal cities. Saving water, controlling sewage and developing new water sources are of equal importance.

Vigorously developing water treatment chemicals plays an important role in saving water and controlling sewage. Water treatment agent belongs to the category of fine chemical industry, compared with commonly used chemicals, it has many characteristics of fine chemicals, such as production scale is generally small, so the plant equipment investment is less, small output, product varieties, varieties of rapid replacement, additional output value, technical services are essential, a variety of products, especially compound products, It has a strong specificity.