Discussion On The Development Of Domestic Water Treatment Equipment

- Apr 08, 2019-

It is reported that the production of domestic sewage treatment equipment began in the late the mid 1970s, when the product standardization, complete sets, serialization level is very low, training products are less.

Since the 1990s, the relevant State departments have carried out technical transformation of the main sewage treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises, improving the manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level, and the production level of the special equipment for municipal sewage treatment and the supporting general equipment has been greatly improved. At present, the daily treatment of 5, 10, 25, 50 tons of urban sewage treatment plant all or the main equipment can be achieved localization.

Among them, domestic microporous aeration, high-strength aeration machine, belt filter machine, all kinds of grille decontamination machine, scraper, scraper, aeration brush, aeration blower, large sewage pump, submersible electric pump and so on has been basically able to adapt to the domestic market demand, there are some products exported. In terms of product design, from the daily processing of 50,000 tons to 500,000 tons of sewage sludge lifting system, mechanical filtration and precipitation system, aeration treatment system, sludge dewatering system and other domestic equipment, has been equivalent to the international the 1980s level, and can provide complete sets of equipment. However, in the biogas power generation system, on-line monitoring system and other aspects, domestic equipment compared with foreign developed countries, there is still a big gap.

In some international the 1990s in the field of the latest form of technical equipment, there are still gaps to be filled. In terms of product level, high energy consumption of blowers, pumps and other products, single-machine equipment efficiency has been close to the international the 1980s level.

The overall level of complete sets of products is equivalent to the international the seventies or eighties of the 20th century level. Wastewater treatment equipment in developed countries has now reached a high level of modernization, with the following characteristics: first, urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment equipment has been standardized, stylized, serialized and complete sets, has formed a complete range, a high degree of commercialization of the water treatment equipment industry. Second, water treatment unit equipment, such as precipitation, filtration, extraction, adsorption, microfiltration, electrodialysis and so on has formed a professional scale of production, varieties, specifications, quality is relatively stable, reliable performance parameters, user choice is very convenient. Third, the urban sewage complete sets of equipment to large-scale development, industrial wastewater treatment equipment with the maturation of the process and tend to specialization, complete sets. Four is compatible with the water treatment of fans, pumps, valves and other general equipment has been gradually achieved specialized design, and the organization of production to meet special needs. Five, water resources, eutrophication, drinking water safety led to the deep treatment of waste water equipment and disinfection equipment has a considerable degree of development. Six is the re-attention of anaerobic treatment technology, which promotes the application of anaerobic treatment equipment in high concentration organic wastewater treatment.