How Does Soft Water Equipment Convert Hard Water Into Soft Water(2)

- Feb 16, 2021-

    3.Salt absorption regeneration: the regeneration solution (sodium chloride solution) flows through the failed resin layer at a certain concentration flow rate, replaces the calcium and magnesium ions on the resin, and restores the resin to restore its original exchange capacity.

    4.Slow wash replacement: After the regeneration liquid has been introduced, there are salt liquid and resin in the resin layer of the expansion space of the exchanger that have not yet participated in the regeneration exchange, and a small flow of clear water and salt liquid flow in the same direction to make the salt liquid and resin fully contact , So that the resin regeneration is complete and the salt solution is fully utilized.

    5.Quick wash (positive wash): The purpose is to remove the residual regeneration waste liquid and the replaced calcium and magnesium ions in the resin layer, usually at a normal operating flow rate until the effluent is qualified.

    6.Salt tank water replenishment: Fill the salt tank with water required to dissolve and regenerate the salt, and the concentration of saturated brine is 37%. In order to ensure that the concentration of the salt solution in the salt tank can reach saturation, firstly, ensure that the dissolution time is not less than 6 hours. Secondly, the salt level in the salt tank must always be kept higher than the water level.

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