How To Choose The Right Filter

- Apr 16, 2019-

There are many kinds of filters in water treatment, most of which can be collectively referred to as mechanical filters, according to the different filter materials are divided into: Quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, multi-media filter, manganese sand filter, precision filter, fiber ball filter, bag filter, titanium Bar filter and so on, the principle is simply to intercept or adsorb impurities in the water.

In fact, the appearance of the water softener is similar to the filter, but the filter material is not the same, the principle of action is not the same, the water softener is also known as the ion Exchanger, he is through the ion exchange effect to purify the quality.


So what's so different about so many filters, the following application areas to illustrate the explanation:

1, river purification equipment, river purification equipment generally using quartz sand filter or fiber ball fiber beam filter, dosing device, bag type filter or precision filter, to filter the water suspended impurities.

2, groundwater treatment equipment, underground water treatment devices generally use manganese sand filter, that is, iron and manganese removal filter, and then through the bag filter or precision filter further purification treatment.

3, wastewater treatment equipment, sewage treatment plant generally with biochemical treatment, and then through quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, or multi-media filter, precision filter or bag filter further purification treatment.

4, industrial water treatment equipment, industrial water is generally the use of softener, reverse osmosis pure water equipment, precision filters, bag filters and so on. Therefore, each filter has their unique features, the specific choice is mainly to see which impurities in the water, the use of a suitable mechanical filter, so that the equivalent of the right medicine, that is, to deal with the water quality, but also to the economy.