The Current Situation Of Water Pollution Did You See That? Household Water Purifiers Really Can't Be Less

- Apr 01, 2019-

Water resources are basic resources and an important part of human living environment. However, human beings are now facing serious damage to water resources, but also face serious challenges of water pollution.

The increasing water pollution has posed a major threat to the survival and safety of mankind and has become a major obstacle to human health, economic and social sustainable development. The current situation of water pollution did you see that?

Household water purifiers really can't be less The latest data released by the Ministry of Land and Resources shows that in the 5,118 groundwater monitoring sites in the country's 202 municipal administrative districts, the proportion of poor and extremely poor water quality monitoring points accounted for more than 60%, and the water quality of the excellent grade accounted for only 9.1%.

The condition of underground water quality is not ideal.

At present, about 420 billion cubic metres of sewage are discharged into rivers and lakes worldwide each year, contaminating 5.5 trillion cubic metres of fresh water, which is equivalent to more than 14% per cent of total through-traffic. Human activities allow a large amount of industrial, agricultural, and domestic waste to be discharged into the water, so that water is polluted.

Water pollution is caused by pollutants from human activities.

At present, in China, more than 90% of the urban waters are polluted, the 60%-70% of the total water shortage in the southern cities due to water pollution, the groundwater survey of 118 large and medium-sized cities in China shows that 115 urban groundwater is polluted, of which serious pollution accounts for about 60%.

In China, 170 million people are drinking water contaminated with organic matter, and 300 million urban residents face water pollution problems.

According to a survey by the World Health Organization:

80% of the world's diseases,

50% of the World's children die,

Are related to the quality of drinking water,

Drinking poor water quality caused by diseases: digestive diseases, infectious diseases, various skin diseases, diabetes, cancer, stone disease, cardiovascular disease can reach more than 50 kinds.

Due to water pollution worldwide every year

With the deaths of 50 million children,

35 million of people suffer from cardiovascular disease,

70 million of people suffer from stone disease,

90 million people suffer from hepatitis,

30 million people died from liver and stomach cancer.

Due to the water quality caused by more and more new types of diseases, drinking water pollution has become the most important water environment problems, water pollution has become the number one killer of human health. The United Nations says that about 50 million people worldwide die each year from water-related diseases.

In about October 2002, the World Health Organization unveiled ten killers of human health, including unclean drinking water. According to statistics, one out of every six people worldwide drank water containing a variety of harmful substances and died of illness, especially in third world developing countries.

In developing countries, the number of deaths caused by the lack of clean and clean drinking water is 12.4 million per year, and the issue of drinking water safety has been given high priority. In China, drinking water is used only as a means of quenching thirst, not a healthy method. The country's first "China Water and quality of Life Awareness Survey Report", the current public in China in the health of drinking water habits and good water cognition there are many misconceptions, compared with the West, people's good water consumption awareness is not optimistic, drinking water concept lags behind Europe and the United 5% states for at least 30 years, 95% of foreign households use water purifier

Water purifier for home use. In fact, our world is already facing a water quality crisis, China, but also facing a severe water quality crisis. Water pollution is a serious threat to our daily life and physical and mental health. However, it did not attract enough attention from each of us.

We may be concerned about water pollution, but we do not know for sure that the extent of the water quality crisis in our daily lives, these disregard and ignorance, let us unknowingly bear great health risks. The spring of household water purifier is not fried by merchants, but driven by the natural environment. Whether you live in the countryside or in the city, the most effective way to solve the water pollution is to install a water purifier. Because of the water quality purified by water purification machine: No pollution, no harmful substances. So, we can totally drink it directly. People to eat for the day, food to water first, water to net as the source, the installation of a water purifier at home is equivalent to the body of a "kidney" in vitro, 24 hours to pay attention to your whole family's healthy life.