The Market Prospect Of Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment Is Getting Broader

- Mar 19, 2021-

1. Each unit of the equipment's sewage treatment is designed as a process module, which can be treated independently.

The modular design concept of integrated sewage treatment equipment is an effective means for the process unit to face the diversification of sewage treatment water quality, that is, sewage pretreatment, biochemical treatment (including anaerobic and aerobic section), post-treatment, Advanced treatment, sludge treatment and other units are designed as process unit modules. Different process units use their own core treatment section as the main body, expand and adjust according to the relevant water quality, and at the same time, through the equipment of each module, it will greatly reduce the civil work of the entire water treatment system. The controllability of the process and the ability to upgrade in the future will be greatly improved.

According to the different requirements of water quality and effluent, each process unit is adjusted and realized in the form of equipment installation, which can better meet the requirements of diversified water quality treatment of small integrated sewage treatment equipment.

2. Mechanization and automation of integrated sewage treatment equipment

The sewage treatment equipment should not only adopt the equipment structure as much as possible in the various technological processes of the sewage treatment system, but also equipment the entire sewage treatment system. The equipment treatment system changes the characteristics of structural civil construction in traditional design and construction, greatly saves civil construction investment, which is easy to install, and also reduces the construction period. It can produce equipment in batches and has great potential for upgrading the process. The industrial wastewater is based on the factory's production. The specific conditions of wastewater are adjusted in the form of equipment, and the potential of the larger capacity system is exerted.

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