The Special Qingming Festival

- Apr 03, 2020-

Qingming Festival, the ancient Customs Qingming to "tomb offering" mainly, that is to go to the cemetery to pay respects to ancestors. The original meaning of offering sacrifices is "meat is offered by hand on the altar" . Generally speaking, the preparation of wine, meat, and then incense paper money clothing. This year, however, the government has called on people not to go out. It is possible to "cloud worship" only with wine, meat and flowers, just use wechat to pay attention to the "cloud sacrifice" public number. To create a permanent candlelit memorial for your loved ones, free of charge, so that all your friends and family can remember and pray together.

This year's Qingming Festival is a little different from previous years. In a special civil war epidemic, hundreds of millions of compatriots fought side by side, the first line of the epidemic heroes. The name carved in stone may gradually fade, carved in the hearts of the respect and miss will be growing, enduring new. Let's remember the heroes and pay tribute to the heroes!