Treatment Method Of High Hardness Of Water Quality

- Apr 17, 2019-

Hard water is the high calcium and magnesium ions of the water, it will appear pipe scaling, especially metal pipes, with temperature of water is easy to scale, clogging pipes, boiler water is more so, boilers if scaling is dangerous things, due to uneven heat is also easy to produce boiler damage, or even explosion. Water quality hardness is too high, and kettle or pot hot water, the surface formed a layer of white suspended foam, water less dry will appear a layer of white powder. Such water needs to soften. In washing companies, cleaning fabrics, clothes, etc., water quality hardness is high, it is not easy to clean the dirty things, such water also need to soften. Chemical ingredients, high hardness, calcium and magnesium ions easy to cause solution instability, which also needs to soften and so on, all walks of life need to soften water, such as mechanical cleaning, food industry, boiler recharge water, circulating cooling water, printing and dyeing textiles and so on need to soften. Our company is a professional softener, softening water equipment manufacturers, the production of a variety of stainless steel softener, FRP softener, carbon steel water softener, there is a fully automatic water softener, manual softener.


Can also be based on customer requirements for the design of water softener. A lot of tap water, river, surface water, groundwater as production, hardness is too high, up to the production of water standards, how to deal with? We can use softening water equipment, that is, softener to deal with, softener using ion exchanger resin exchange, through salt water regeneration, resin formed by the sodium resin, that is, can exchange calcium and magnesium ions, and then after anti-washing, regeneration, anti-washing again with the ability to exchange resin, repeated use, In this way, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water can be separated from the water, thus reducing the hardness in the water, so that the water into softened water.