What Are The Structures Of The Mechanical Filter?

- Apr 09, 2019-

Mechanical filter includes quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, manganese sand filter, multi-media filter, he is mainly by the human hole, discharge port, on the cloth water, under the water, in and out of the water mouth, visual mirror composition.

In these, the form of the water device also determines the azimuth of its manhole and discharge port, the following I would introduce the conventional water cloth. The water on the upper cloth has a hanging basket of cloth water, Mother Branch pipe cloth water, bezel cloth water, because activated carbon filter material density is small, so in the anti-washing process, it is easy to be washed up by water on the head, if the baffle cloth water is easy to be washed away, we often say "running material", so activated carbon filter generally with hanging basket cloth water or Mother branch pipe water,

So in large quartz sand filters, manganese sand filters as well as multi-media filters are often used. The lower cloth water has flat cloth water, tubular cloth water, dome cloth water, in these three cloth water in the flat cloth water is relatively wide, because the flat cloth water cloth water uniform, anti-washing effect is good, but the cost is high, so there are stainless steel tubular cloth water to replace, stainless steel tubular water is radiation shape, multiple branch tubes will collect water into the center outlet after discharge, Dome cloth Water device is the ball deficiency head punching, and then cloth mesh, generally in the upper point of 200mm large pebbles, due to large cobblestone voids, cloth water effect is good.