What Is The Difference Between Pure Water And Mineral Water?

- Apr 10, 2019-

Pure water and mineral water The biggest difference is pure water mainly contains ions are hydroxide ions and hydrogen ions, and mineral water contains not only hydroxide ions, hydrogen ions and other ions, a metaphor for the human body essential trace elements. Pure water purification equipment water production can be tap water, rivers, well wells and so on, but the original water must meet the standard of domestic drinking water source, water production process with reverse osmosis technology, reverse osmosis membrane dense film can filter the water small particulate matter, suspended matter and other impurities and bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and all the harmful organisms,

His desalination rate is that the removal of ions can reach more than 95%, imported brands of Hyde Energy and Dow membrane can reach more than 97%, so reverse osmosis produced pure water basically without any impurities and minerals. Mineral water Equipment water use of raw water generally used mountain springs, well wells, which contain rich trace elements necessary for the human body, and the content in line with the human body can accept, can not contain excessive heavy metals, because heavy metal overdose makes people poisoned or even death, mineral water used in the process is generally hollow ultrafiltration, Hollow Ultrafiltration membrane can filter with OH bacterial virus microorganisms and suspended matter and other fine impurities, but the minerals can not be intercepted.

Many foreign countries because the source of water does not have the human needs of minerals, then they use in the terminal for mineral blending, that is, to add a certain amount of minerals. Mineral water and pure water pretreatment generally use quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter is mainly to protect ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane, in terms of water production costs, reverse osmosis due to high pressure pump power, recovery rate relative ultrafiltration to be low, so the cost of water production is high, but reverse osmosis on the source of water requirements are not as strict as mineral water. So there are pros and cons.