Pure Water Equipment in the Cosmetics Industry

Design the system according to the raw water quality and user URS requirements and design according to the optimal configuration.

Product Details

Performance introduction:

(1) Design the system according to the raw water quality and user URS requirements and design according to the optimal configuration.

(2) Modular design: reverse osmosis equipment and pre-treatment integrated frame, compact structure and convenient installation.

(3) Standardized design: ensure the stable operation of the pure water system and achieve water quality standards.

(4) Reasonable concentrated water recycling and reuse design to save water resources.

(5) The whole system is fully automatic + PLC control, water production, recoil, cleaning, etc. are all fully controlled by PLC, which can reduce the labor intensity of manual operation while ensuring precise control.

(6) Incorporating ergonomic design and user-friendly design for easy operation.

(7) The reverse osmosis system adopts a fully automatic method, and the operation is simple and convenient.

(8) The pretreatment system is automatically controlled by a pneumatic butterfly valve, which can be manually backwashed to ensure cleaning and filtration effects.

(9) Online water quality monitoring and control to monitor water quality changes in real time to ensure water quality safety.

(10) The system has various device safety functions such as waterless protection and high, low pressure and over pressure protection.

(11) The main components of the pure water equipment system adopt imported components (such as Hyde energy reverse osmosis ultra low pressure membrane) with high stability.

(12) The imported Hyde energy reverse osmosis ultra-low pressure membrane adopts high desalination rate, stable operation and low energy consumption.

(13) The theme materials are all internationally renowned brands in the industry, with quality and quantity.

After sales service

(1) Free information from design to production, operation and after-sales for 15 years.

(2) Lifetime tracking of equipment operation status, SMS, telephone reminding customers to replace consumables, providing technical analysis service for equipment operation record free of charge, judging the system operation status, preventing problems before they occur.  

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