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The reverse osmosis equipment passes the raw water through a fine filter, a granular activated carbon filter, a compressed activated carbon filter
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The reverse osmosis equipment passes the raw water through a fine filter, a granular activated carbon filter, a compressed activated carbon filter, and the like, and is pressurized by a pump, and the pore diameter is 1/10000 μm (corresponding to 1/6000 of the size of Escherichia coli, 1 of the virus) /300) Reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane), which makes high-concentration water into low-concentration water, and at the same time isolates a large amount of impurities mixed with water from industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc., thereby achieving the physical and chemical regulations of drinking. Indicators and health standards, output to pure to pure water, is the best choice for the body to replenish high-quality water in time. The purity of water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology is the highest among all water-making technologies currently in human control. Almost 100%, so people call this water production machine a reverse osmosis pure water machine.

Reverse osmosis is a modern new type of pure water treatment technology. The purity of the water is improved by the reverse osmosis element, and the impurities and salts contained in the water are removed. The pure water we drink every day is treated by reverse osmosis equipment and the water quality is clear.

The first country in the world to use reverse osmosis technology was the United States, which invented a membrane separation technology powered by poor power. With the promotion of this technology, China began to use reverse osmosis technology. The pure water equipment on the market is the reverse osmosis membrane treatment technology, and has undergone certain improvements and design innovations in China, and the technology is very mature.

A reverse osmosis membrane is designed in the reverse osmosis pure water equipment. The pressure on both sides of the membrane is different. The pressure on both sides is the power to press the raw water through the reverse osmosis membrane. The low concentration of the salt will penetrate into the salt with high concentration. Under the equilibrium state that can be reached, the osmotic pressure of the liquid. When the pressure on the side of the brine is applied to the osmotic pressure on the other side, the flow in the opposite direction occurs, and a reverse osmosis process is produced.

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment uses this technology, using intelligent control of automatic water supply and water cut, which is pure water equipment.

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