14t New Design Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Treatment Equipment

14t New Design Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Treatment Equipment

The cyclone sand removal technology has been widely used in water treatment fields at home and abroad.
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Unique technology and product design and development are the strongest support for our Ozone Sterilization System, Pure Water Treatment Equipment, Food Sterile Water Tank's large-scale production. We can provide our customers with best products and best service, and are desired to cooperate with you for common development. We pay attention to the interests of customers and try to create all sorts of opportunities to get their greatest satisfaction. We've got a lot of customers at home and abroad. Since the establishment of our company, we have been enterprising and constantly innovating. Our professional team has been growing in the tide of the market and won the market competitiveness with its strong product development and design and production capacity.

Product description

The cyclone sand removal technology has been widely used in water treatment fields at home and abroad. The Ministry of Construction of China has also incorporated it into the standard atlas, which has been widely used in liquid-solid separation in many industries such as chemical industry, environmental protection and medicine.

Practice has proved that the cyclone desander is a kind of green and environmentally friendly equipment that is economical, effective, simple to operate, requires no maintenance, one-time investment, and does not consume energy. The BJF cyclone desander is further innovated on the basis of years of practice in accordance with the standard atlas of the Ministry of Construction, and the sand removal effect is more ideal. It is based on the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference. When the water flows at a certain pressure from the inlet of the desander to tangentially enter the equipment, it will produce a strong rotary motion. Due to the different sand water density, centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid enthalpy Under the action of the force, the low-density clean water is raised, discharged from the overflow port, and the dense sand is settled to the bottom and discharged by the sand discharge port, thereby achieving the purpose of sand removal. 

Under certain ranges and conditions, the greater the water pressure of the desander, the higher the sand removal rate, and multiple units can be used in parallel.

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