20t/H Large-Scale RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

20t/H Large-Scale RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Does not change the chemical nature of water, and has no side effects on the human body.

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With advanced technology, production equipment, and complete supporting production lines, we have become a bright pearl in the industry of Industrial Sterile Water Tank, Wastewater Treatment Equipment, River Water Filtration Systems and have won the trust and praise of new and old customers. We are committed to providing a professional, intelligent and efficient service model, so that high-quality, leading products can better meet customers' needs. Based on experienced engineers, all orders for drawing-based or sample-based processing are welcomed. During the 10 years of operating, our company always try our best to bring consumption satisfaction for user, built a brand name for ourselves and a solid position in the international market with major partners come from many countries. Our company's main items are widely used all over the world; 80% of our products and solutions exported to all over the world.


1. Does not change the chemical nature of water, and has no side effects on the human body.

2. The descaling effect is obvious. The equipment is installed in the water circulation system. The original scale is less than 2mm. Under normal circumstances, it can gradually loosen and fall off after 30 days. The scale after treatment is granular, which can be discharged with the sewage pipeline and will not block the pipeline system. After the old scale is detached, no new scale is generated within a certain range.

3. The device is small in size, easy to install, and can be used unattended for a long time.

4. After the water flows through the equipment, the water can be turned into magnetized water, and it has certain inhibition and killing effect on bacteria in the water.

5. Does not corrode equipment, can extend the service life of the servo equipment.

The 20t/H Large-Scale RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter we produce have the advantages of long service life, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, novel styles, and first-class quality, which is a new generation of products with strong vitality. According to the different application requirements of customers, we provide accurate and advanced various products and solutions. We promise to try our best to deliver you with high quality and efficient services.
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