Acrylic Anion Resin Discolored

Acrylic Anion Resin Discolored

Strong alkali type anion exchange resin: mainly contains a strong reaction base such as the four-sided ammonium salt-energy base -N-3,3, in the form of hydrogen oxygen

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1. Strong alkali type anion exchange resin: mainly contains a strong reaction base such as the four-sided ammonium salt-energy base -N-3,3, in the form of hydrogen oxygen, -N-(CH3)3OH-in the hydrogen oxygen ions can be quickly released for exchange, strong-alkali anion exchange resin can be exchanged with all anions for removal. These resins contain strong alkaline groups, such as the seasonal ammonium base (also known as the tetraamine base) - NR3OH (R is hydrocarbon group), which can be exlisted from OH in water and are strongly alkaline.

The positive group of this resin can be combined with anion adsorption in the solution, resulting in anion exchange. This resin is highly dissoive and works at different pHs.

It is regenerated with strong alkalis such as NaOH. 

2. Weak alkali type anion exchange resin: This type of resin contains weak alkaline groups, such as buramine-based (also known as primary amine-based)-NH2, midamine-based (secondary amine-base)-NHR, or shuamine-based (triamine-base) -NR2, they can be released from OH -and weakly alkaline in water. In most cases, this resin adsorbes the entire other acid molecules in the solution. It can only operate under neutral or acidic conditions such as pH1-9.

It can be regenerated using Na2CO3 and NH4OH. 3 .

Adsorption of anions

The general order of adsorption of inorganic acid roots from strong alkaline anion resins is as follows:

SO42-- - No3-Cl-Cl-HCO3-OH-

The general order of adsorption of weak alkaline anion resins to anions is as follows: OH-Citric acid root 3- s. so42-sic acid root 2- sylbic root 2- PO43- - NO2 - Cl- - Acetate root - Sco3- HCO3-

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