Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Daf System

Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Daf System

The groundwater filter is a special equipment for the centralized removal of fluoride ion in the drinking water with groundwater as the water source.

Product Details

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Product description

The groundwater filter is a special equipment for the centralized removal of fluoride ion in the drinking water with groundwater as the water source. It can also be used in the treatment of fluorine-containing industrial wastewater and arsenic-containing drinking water. The high-quality reverse osmosis filter adopts the most advanced technology. The whole system has a small footprint, high water production rate, simple operation, stable effluent quality and long operating cycle. It can be used in series or in parallel.

Product model

When selecting a groundwater filter, the user is required to present the influent water quality test report to understand the effect that the user wants to achieve, as well as the user's automation requirements and size specifications for the instrument itself, so that the manufacturer can provide the appropriate detailed equipment to choose from. Parameters and filter media. The single-stage treatment system is suitable for water quality conditions in which the raw water has a fluorine content of ≤10mg/L. The user can decide whether to select multiple units according to the daily water consumption and water quality report.

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