Leather Factory Wastewater Treatment Machine

Leather Factory Wastewater Treatment Machine

The equipment makes up for the shortcomings of similar products in the market, and increases the strong oxidation chamber and oxidized packing

Product Details

We have a young, high-quality, pioneering scientific research team that combines modern information technology to research and develop high-quality Well Water Filtration Equipment, Well Water Treatment, Food Sterile Water Tank. We are committed to building a professional team and high-tech production technology to manufacture high-quality products. We advocate the research and application of modern marketing and grow with our customers in guiding and better meeting customer needs. Our company has improved the quality management system, strictly controlled the production process, and improved after-sales service. We adhere to the development strategy of 'internationalization, technologicalization and specialization', and vigorously carry out system innovation, management innovation, technological innovation and product innovation to provide high-performance products for global users.

Product working principle

The equipment adopts the principle of oxidizing iron (manganese, fluorine). After the oxygen of the air is used to reach a certain saturation of the gas and water through the strong oxidation chamber, the Fe²+ and Mn²+ ions are oxidized under the set pressure. Insoluble in water, Fe³+ and MnO²+, combined with the uniquely designed “Plum Blossom” water distributor, distributes the water evenly to the upper layer of the filter material, and removes iron and manganese ions from the water through the filter material.

The equipment makes up for the shortcomings of similar products in the market, and increases the strong oxidation chamber and oxidized packing, which can greatly increase the gas-water saturation, accelerate the oxidation rate, reduce the oxidation time, and increase the effect of removing iron, manganese and fluorine. The content of source water iron, manganese and fluorine has strong adaptability. The “Plum Blossom” water distributor used in this equipment can shorten the distance between the surface of the filter layer and the water distribution pipe, which can save a lot of backwash water.

At the same time, the water point of the cloth is uniform and there is no dead angle, the filter material is not knotted, and the collision and friction of the filter material can be effectively controlled, the service life of the filter material can be prolonged, and the secondary sewage system is added when designing the self-backwashing device to ensure the quality of the water discharge.

Based on the concept of cooperation, innovation, and win-win, we create international leading Leather Factory Wastewater Treatment Machine, and strive to become the world's top brand. We always know that improving product quality is an important factor for our company to enhance the core competitiveness. We recognize that we need to attach importance to the training of employees and effectively improve the quality and service level.
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