Maro-36000 Water Treatment Big Equipment

Maro-36000 Water Treatment Big Equipment

Commercial reverse osmosis pure water machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical industry

Product Details

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Commercial reverse osmosis pure water machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical industry, aseptic, non-heat source purified water preparation, electronics, ultra-pure water for the power industry, biomedical water, chemical, cosmetic ingredients.

Application field

(1) Power industry: boiler feed water, cooling dam;

(2) Electronics industry: ultra-pure water for semiconductor industry, cleaning water for integrated circuits, and formula water;

(3) Food industry: formula water, production water;

(4) Pharmaceutical industry: process water, preparation water, washing water, water for injection, and sterile water;

(5) Beverage industry: formula water, production water, washing water;

(6) Chemical industry: production water, wastewater treatment;

(7) Drinking water project: preparation of ultrapure water and purification of drinking water;

(8) Petrochemical industry: advanced treatment of oilfield injection water and petrochemical wastewater;

(9) Seawater desalination: production and domestic water in island areas, coastal water-deficient areas, ships, seawater oil fields, etc.;

(10) Environmental protection field: recovery of precious metals and water in electroplating rinse water to achieve zero or micro emissions.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'survive by quality, develop by reputation, win by service, and be honest in the world', to produce beautiful and durable Maro-36000 Water Treatment Big Equipment based on genuine materials, carefully design and specialized production. We have a strict and complete product testing system and testing equipment, and all production materials are strictly in and out. We constantly refresh the industry trend and provide customers and franchisees with perfect choices.
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