New Product Crazy Selling Water Treatment System

New Product Crazy Selling Water Treatment System

With the continuous process of exchange, Na in the resin is all set out after the loss of the Exchange function
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Our products have been selling well for many years in a row, and our company as a professional manufacturer of String Wound Sediment Filter, String Wound Filter, Sand Filter Dan Carbon Filter is recognized by the industry and society. We not only improve product quality, but also constantly improve after-sales service. We promote the enterprise spirit of dedication, integrity, teamwork and innovation. We ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer in the shortest time. We believe we will be your best choice.

Product profile 

The hardness of water is mainly composed of cations: calcium (Ca2), magnesium (Mg2) ions.

When raw water containing hardness ions passes through the resin layer of the exchanger, the calcium, magnesium ions in the water and the sodium ions in the resin are replaced, the resin absorbs calcium, magnesium ions and sodium ions enter the water, so that the water flowing out of the exchanger is removed from the softening water of the hardness ions.

How it works

With the continuous process of exchange, Na in the resin is all set out after the loss of the Exchange function, at this time must use NACL solution to regenerate the resin, the resin adsorption of Ca2, Mg2 replaced down, the resin re-adsorption of sodium ions, the restoration of softening exchange capacity.

Boiler Water Treatment equipment product structure:

1. Import Control valve: Valve body material for high-strength lightweight corrosion-resistant engineering plastics, lead-free brass.

2. Corrosion resistant tank: tank material for FRP (can be selected carbon steel or stainless steel lining plastic tank), tank anti-corrosion, pressure resistance, long service life.

3. Uniform Water Cloth System: the use of jet cloth water, resin effective exchange capacity to give full play, with salt control accuracy, no salt pump. 4. Imported high-performance resin: the selection of strong acidic cationic exchange resins, low breakage rate, uniform particle size, improve ion exchange rate.

Under the premise of ensuring quality, the diversification and fine workmanship of our New Product Crazy Selling Water Treatment System make it sell well at home and abroad, and win the trust and high praise of our customers. 'Customer services and relationship' is another important area which we understand good communication and relationships. Our non-stop innovative technologies introducing is to develop high value-added products, and to improve business profitability.
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