OEM Domestic Ozone Water Purifier

OEM Domestic Ozone Water Purifier

Water source requirements are low. A well-designed pre-processing system that is powerful. Tap water and even groundwater in various cities can be used as water sources.
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In line with the business philosophy of 'innovation, learning, quality and service', we have been providing a series of high-quality Ultraviolet Sterilization Equipment, Food Industry Pure Water Equipment, Front Filter for domestic and foreign customers for many years. Our production have been exported to many countries and regions as first hand source with lowest price. To build a happier, more united and more professional team! We welcome any potential cooperation opportunities and discuss with you how to achieve win-win development and share success on the basis of mutual benefit!


1.Water source requirements are low. A well-designed pre-processing system that is powerful. Tap water and even groundwater in various cities can be used as water sources. It can effectively treat raw water of different water quality in different places, thus ensuring convenient and reliable use by customers.

2.High yield of water. The main consumables have a longer service life, and the ultra-purification system uses high-performance imported nuclear grade polishing resin. Compared with similar products, the water production is larger and the cost of water production is lower.

3.Low operating costs. The principle of cold water is adopted to save experimental water. The energy consumption of the whole machine is only 50W, which saves more than 99% of the electricity cost compared with the traditional distilled water machine.

4.Replaceable accessories are of high quality and low price. RO membrane and system automatic flushing function can effectively prevent the formation of biofilm, ensure the water-making ability of key components and prolong its service life. The replaceable parts are in line with the national standard requirements, easy to purchase and high quality and low price, ensuring low cost operation.

5.Microcomputer intelligent control. Computer box automatic control technology, fully automatic water production, simple and fast, to ensure timely water.

6.Instant online detection. Instantly detect water quality online, digital display is more accurate and intuitive.

7.Key components, using high quality imported accessories.

8.Unique design. The integrated design of the whole machine is compact, elegant, elegant and convenient for transportation and installation.

9.Personal consultant service, professional technical advice!

Besides providing high-quality OEM Domestic Ozone Water Purifier for customers in different industries, we also provide customers with technical support, professional solutions and other personal instant services. If you wish to get more details about our company, Please contact with us now. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for you.
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