Reverse Osmosis Water Plant Filtration Equipment

Reverse Osmosis Water Plant Filtration Equipment

Reverse osmosis is an emerging water treatment technology that improves the purity of water quality through reverse osmosis mainframes and removes impurities from water.

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Since our establishment, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of 'survive by quality and development by reputation', using first-class equipment, and through strict procurement, process control, and quality control procedures to professionally create trustworthy Water Softener System, Reverse Osmosis Machine, Medical Purified Water Equipment for you. Honesty and trustworthiness, excellent quality, quality service, and continuous innovation are the basic business philosophy and cornerstone of our survival. With the rigorous manufacturing process, advanced management concept, professional production team and the spirit of continuous development and innovation, our products are of high quality and low price, highly competitive in the market, and our products are widely spread in every corner of the world. We insist on providing perfect services to our customers with high-quality products.

Reverse osmosis is an emerging water treatment technology that improves the purity of water quality through reverse osmosis mainframes and removes impurities from water. The world's first reverse osmosis technology uses membrane separation in the United States to generate power through differential pressure. Technology, with the continuous development of this technology, we have also begun research on reverse osmosis, and now we have produced a variety of reverse osmosis equipment.



1. It adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane with high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost.

2. No need to deal with acid and alkali, environmental protection without "three wastes."

3. Automatic control system, automatic maintenance, online water quality testing, water quality changes at any time.

4. In line with the local water quality of the individual design, to meet the needs in all directions.

5. Automatic control system, the daily operation is extremely simple, the system automatically carries out the rinsing and maintenance, and the domestic production of the product does not require any manual operation.

6. Dual flow path design, not only can produce ultra-pure water, but also produce pure water, convenient for different levels of water requirements in the user's laboratory.

7. Reserved for upgrade space. Function upgrades can be easily implemented according to user needs.

8. Fully automatic control of the water production process.

9. Automatic water production without water, automatic shutdown when the water is full.

10. Water shut-off automatic shutdown protection, the water automatically starts.

11. Water leakage automatically shut off the water source, to ensure that nothing is lost.

12. When the water quality exceeds the standard, the water will be cut off automatically and the treatment will be qualified.

13. The filter core replacement automatic reminder, while reminding the pretreatment filter and purification package, the first in China.

14. Real-time online detection of water production resistivity.

In the fiercely competitive market, our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'pragmatic, honest, innovative, and efficient', and continues to produce high-quality Reverse Osmosis Water Plant Filtration Equipment with a stronger and more professional spirit. We escort your business with high-quality products and complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. We rely on high-quality materials, perfect design, excellent customer service and the competitive price to win the trust of many customers at home and abroad.
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