Medical Ultrapure Water Equipment

Ultrapure water is produced by the American scientific and technological community in the development of ultrapure materials (semiconductor raw materials

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Product description

Ultrapure water is produced by the American scientific and technological community in the development of ultrapure materials (semiconductor raw materials, nano-fine ceramic materials, etc.) by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or other suitable supercritical fine techniques. Outside the water molecule (H20), there are almost no impurities, metal ions, and there are no organic substances such as bacteria, viruses, and chlorine-containing dioxins. It is the use of pretreatment - adsorption of impurities, oxides, reverse osmosis - application of operating pressure on the influent (concentrated solution) side to overcome the natural osmotic pressure, when the operating pressure above the natural osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution side, the water The flow direction of the natural permeation of the molecule is reversed, and the water molecules in the influent (concentrated solution) partially pass through the membrane to purify the produced water on the dilute solution side. It can remove fine impurities, colloids, organic matter, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, heat sources and other harmful impurities in the source water, retaining only water molecules and dissolved oxygen, and the effective removal rate is as high as 99%. Ion exchange - the use of ion exchange resin displacement and free, so that Na + and H + interchange position, this change is called ion exchange. Similarly, the anion resin displaces OH- to produce H2O. Remove residual ions. And use ultraviolet oxidation sterilization, degradation of TOC and terminal modification to obtain purer ultrapure water.

Application range

1. Animal and plant cell culture water

2 .Various medical biochemical analyzers, analyzers, hemodialysis machines

3 .Analytical reagents and drug configuration dilution water

4 .Physiology, pathology, toxicology experiment water

5. Purified water and high purity water for hospitals, pharmaceutical preparation rooms and central laboratories

6. Atomic absorption spectroscopy with water

7 .Test tube baby with water

8. Various high performance liquid chromatography, ion chromatography water

9. Various other laboratory water and medical water.

10. Applications in semiconductors: production and processing of semiconductor raw materials, testing and preparation of semiconductor devices.

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