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The reverse osmosis membrane group is composed of polymeric fibers having a highly ordered matrix structure.
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Reverse osmosis membrane group

The reverse osmosis membrane group is composed of polymeric fibers having a highly ordered matrix structure. It has a pore size of 1-10 angstroms, that is, one billionth of a meter to one billionth of a meter (equivalent to one-sixth of the size of E. coli, one third of the virus), using a reverse osmosis membrane. The separation property can effectively remove impurities such as dissolved salts, colloids, organic matter, heavy metals, trihalomethane intermediates, bacteria and microorganisms produced by chlorination.

FRP resin tank

FRP resin tank---The outer pot is wrapped with heavy high-quality resin material, the workmanship is fine and bright, the tank glass is high in thickness, can withstand the high pressure of 100PSI, and the inner lining is made of PE material (also known as non-toxic plastic). To ensure better pressure resistance, water seepage and long service life.

Water distributor

The water distributor is composed of the main pipe - branch pipe - cloth water hole, and the lower side of each branch pipe is evenly arranged with a plurality of small holes of equal diameter and the like, and the backwash water of the filter pool is from the main pipe to the branch pipe, and then the branch pipe is The holes flow out and flush the filter sand evenly. The rotating water distributor is a perforated tube that can be rotated and is often used in water treatment.

Central tube

Used to connect the channel between the resin tank and the controller. It is also often used in water treatment.

PE salt box

Household PE high quality non-toxic salt box. Good quality, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance and durability. The design is reasonable, and the thickness of the salt box can be seen as generous.

Precision filter

The internal use of PP melt-blown, wire burning, folding, titanium filter, activated carbon filter and other tubular filter elements as filter elements, according to different filter media and design process to select different filter elements to achieve the effluent quality requirements. The body can also be equipped with a quick-loading type for quick and easy replacement of the filter element and cleaning. The equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for various types of liquid filtration, clarification and purification.

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